Codeex is the provider of Gym Street's in-house development team that is responsible for engineering, programming, and blockchain development needed to run our Metaverse project. Furthermore they provide the website designs including fronend and backend solutions, as well as social media designs and content creation.

With over 10 years of experience, Codeex is a Yerevan-based tech company with 70+ team members and fast growing. Throughout the years Codeex has developed tech products in web security, healthcare, fintech, education, communication, management tools, etc.

"Every business aims to grow, develop and become bigger. Our company achieves this by building long-term collaboration with our partners through ensuring open, transparent communication and high-quality in our work."

  • Co-Founder & CEO ArtashΓ©s Margaryan

"We take pride in knowing that we will produce beautiful, performance-driven clean code architecture that will help our clients create highly available and scalable applications."

  • Co-Founder & CTO Mushegh Mavisakalyan


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