Alpaca Finance

Alpaca Finance is the largest lending protocol offering leveraged yield farming on the BNB Chain. It gives borrowers undercollateralized loans for leveraged yield farming positions, greatly doubling their farming principles and subsequent profits while assisting lenders in generating safe and consistent yields. Alpaca is a facilitator for the whole DeFi ecosystem, amplifying the liquidity layer of integrated exchanges and enhancing their capital efficiency by bringing LP borrowers and lenders together. Alpaca has established itself as a key component of DeFi because of this powerful feature, which lets everyone have access to decentralized finance.

Alpaca Finance manages over $800 million worldwide and meets the highest security standard for a decentralized finance and investment platform. Alpaca Finance is recognized as one of the most secure platforms in the BNB Chain and Fantom community due to the flawless track record of never having a security issue and the multi-layered security procedures:

Alpaca Finance has conducted 20 security audits from top blockchain security firms and smart contract auditors such as Certik, PeckShield, SlowMist, and Inspect.

Alpaca Finance has also incorporated Nexus Mutual Cover and InsurAce to give users the option of purchasing the cover, which can refund their cash in the event of a loss for those who desire insurance.

Alpaca Finance has implemented its own insurance plan in addition to Nexus Mutual and insurance coverage. Up to 50% of future Protocol Revenue going to the Governance Vault would be made available in the event of a shortage to reimburse customers who lost money for up to a year, providing at least 7 figures of potential cover.


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