🏒Dual Miner

The virtual miner has been removed and its functions integrated into the virtual land. I.e. you get the features described below by default with every land parcel.

The Dual Miner is a specially designed product which allows virtual land owners in GYMSTREET to earn token rewards. Each land parcel has four miner slots, i.e. users can attach up to four Dual Miners to every land parcel they own. Once attached, the Dual Miners will immediately start generating token rewards.

What distinguishes our Dual Miner from regular crypto mining, is that it generates two token rewards simultaneously. Since everything happens virtually, Dual Miners do not need electricity to operate, which makes them very competitive and environmentally friendly.

The essence of the Dual-Miner is the generation of dual rewards. Our next generation Dual Miner generates GYMNET plus Filecoin (FIL) token rewards simultaneously. While GYMNET rewards are distributed automatically based on the minting calendar as part of the GYMNET tokenomics, Filecoin (FIL) rewards will come from actual Filecoin mining. A portion of the generated revenue from the Dual Miner sales will be used to purchase Filecoins from the market and later also server hardware and provide storage space to the Filecoin decentralised storage network. The income that will be generated here will then be redistributed among the Dual Miner owners in GYMSTREET. The Dual Miner Token can be changed at anytime , especially when there is a clear reason like decreasing rewards for example. Also its no guarantee that the 2nd Token next to GYMNET will give significant benefit or financial Profits. It can be worth 0$ any given time and GYMSTREET has not any responsibility for it as GYMSTREET is each Token has its own operation and operational company which is independend like for example FILECOIN or others.

The Dual-Miner concept stands as a testament to the adaptability and progressiveness of our platform and serves as a perfect example for future partnerships. We continue to explore exciting and valuable projects that will further enhance the Dual-Miner’s utility, promising a future filled with more rewarding opportunities.

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