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Gym Street has a strong team behind with 70+ team members and over 10 years of experience in web security, fintech, education, communication, management tools, etc.
The vast knowledge now serves as a solid foundation for our sophisticated Metaverse, NFT, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain frameworks.
Our inhouse visual effects studio consists of skilled professionals with over three decades of experience in VFX and CGI productions for the demanding worldwide motion-picture industry.
The services include Concept Design, Research & Development, On-Set Supervision, Compositing and Digital Matte Painting, 3D Modeling, VR and AR environments. Everything we offer is done in-house to guarantee the best quality and schedule compliance.
They are thinkers and makers who enjoy transforming ideas into immersive realities. Their achievements so far include working on various Hollywood blockbusters such as The Expendables, Hitman’s Bodyguard, London Has Fallen, music videos for world-known artists like Years&Years, and outstanding commercials for our clients - Dell, Samsung, PlayStation, Apple and many more.
The initial engagement with Gym street was to design and shape 3D assets such as buildings and miners, later filming a commercial for the Metaverse. Today our visual effects studio is responsible for creating the full 3D environment and its gamification.
"With Gym Street we are breaking all stereotypes of available blockchain solutions." - Rafayel Tobelian, CIO
Every creation begins with a team powerful enough to make the vision a reality.
We take pride in our outstanding 70+ person engineering team and work culture that drive forward thinking solutions.
"It's a new way of living that revolutionises our understanding of reality."- Matilda Demirjian, Senior Designer