Land Parcels

To unleash all the existing products and continue traveling down the Gym Street, one needs to purchase at least one parcel of land which he can convert to an NFT, if he wants to. On Gym Street Metaverse, there will be 4 diverse types of land: Basic, Upgraded, Business, and Public.
Basic land is a single parcel of land with the ability to carry 4 mining machines, while the Upgraded land can hold 10 miners by buying extra products with enhanced characteristics. There are 223,000 land parcels in total, of which 13,000 are Business lands, each with 1 miner slot where hardware is installed. Dwellers of the Metaverse can use land parcel to open a branch of a public-importance building and reap additional benefits.
We provide a variety of bundles with discounts for eager landowners so they may strike profitable deals. Moreover, the owners can decorate their Metaverse lands with special separate aesthetic virtual-ornaments like lakes, pools, trees, and bushes.
All the parcels are the same size, though users can buy mini-estates of 2x2, 4x4, etc. lands. The parcels come in three types of priority, depending on the location:
  • Directly on the beach
  • Near the beach
  • Inland

Further, land is divided into four types by use:

  1. 1.
    Basic (private), 210,000 parcels. A basic parcel has 4 slots for virtual mining machines that produce a Reward in GYMNET. Such parcels can be upgraded to house up to 10 miners (see ‘Land upgrades’). In the future, it will also be possible to rent one’s land to earn even more rewards.
  2. 2.
    Upgraded private (potentially up to 210,000 parcels, but an upgraded parcel can only appear when a basic one is upgraded and burned): 10 slots for miners
  3. 3.
    Business (13,000 parcels): instead of the slots for mining machines, a business parcel has a single slot for a branch of a public building, such as a Bank or Farm.
  4. 4.
    Public land: land reserved for commercial and entertainment plazas and other civic areas. These will house the headquarters of Gym Network’s partner brands etc. The proximity of a basic or business parcel to the main civic areas of the metaverse ‘city’ will also affect its price.

Public Land Sales To Partners:

Some portions of the GYMStreet public area are reserved for civic and commercial areas. They will be individually designed to create uniformly-styled plazas and districts, and the project’s partners will be able to buy real estate in these prestigious areas to open shopping, dining, or entertainment areas. In these public areas, it will be possible for partners to buy real estate properties that are smaller than the standard parcel, a bit like businesses in a real-world shopping mall occupy small spaces. A total of 50 slots will be reserved for sale in the public area at the start.

Land Upgrades:

A basic land parcel can host only 4 miners. Thus, if one buys one parcel and 5 miners, they will only be able to use 4. In order to install more, one needs to upgrade the land by effectively purchasing a new NFT with enhanced characteristics. No new land is created: a basic parcel is replaced with an upgraded one. The surface area of upgraded land is the same – it simply has more miner slots, and the graphic design is different. No upgrades are available for business land.