System Overview


There is conventional finance and decentralized finance. To understand the difference, people need to experience it, not just read or study it. Experiences are the key.
Gym Street Metaverse aims to bring financial services to everyone’s door as a future-forward experience in a fun and accessible way. It combines DeFi and CeFi Metaverse under one roof involving blockchain-based activities like owning lands, mining, investments, business, and education with rewards of tokens. Using the technology of NFTs, financial services are being performed in a virtual environment guaranteed with ultimate security ensured by blockchain technology. The team of Gym Street features over 70 experienced engineers, UI/UX professionals, and marketing specialists, each one of them going all-in to build the high-performance future they personally seek to dwell in.

Virtual Reality

Among the most phenomenal breakthroughs of the new digital era is Virtual Reality. The mind-blowing technology of Virtual Reality electronics will enable individuals to visualize the financial landscape provided by Gym Street and access various financial services such as investments, mining, and trading interaction solutions.
Imagine banking not being dull or stressful! How much time and energy does one spend on visiting a bank branch? Metaverse financial services get rid of the obligation to stand in boring and often endless seeming lines at the bank or the habit of running to the bank during a work break and giving up on a delicious lunch. Instead, everyone gets to be in the bank anytime from any point on the Earth, appearing in a bank branch through virtual reality, performing banking operations, and even getting detailed human consultation.
Moreover, after launching Gym Street Metaverse in a 3D format, one can bring to life the wildest images in their mind about the style by customizing their avatars and becoming whoever they want. We say, “just wear a VR headset and be an individual.”