💫Affiliate Layer Solution

Gym Street Metaverse includes:

Gym Street Manhattan Gym Street Kabutochou Gym Street CASH FT Island

Plus more Metaverses with focus on finance in the future.

Each of these Metaverses has an Affiliate Layer Solution. Partly with single-tier, partly with multi-tier solutions.

How you can promote Gym Street as an affiliate marketer and what is your earnings potential?

Every new member at Gym Street starts as a customer. You register and buy a product.

If you want to recommend this product, you have to sign up as an affiliate partner by accepting the terms and conditions and the affiliate partner agreement. Now you are eligible to earn commissions and use the Gym Street marketing tools to refer new customers and earn commissions.

How much you earn depends on two factors:

  1. How many customers you refer yourself

  2. How many customers your team recruits (optional)

You can then earn a direct sales commission and a team difference commission.

In addition, there are various special benefits and bonuses that you can earn over time. This includes watches, cars, travel, etc.

How the individual affiliate plan of each product looks like exactly, you can find in the dashboard under Partner Area or by asking in our official Telegram groups.

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