GYMSTREET has recently integrated CashFT Island into its ecosystem, offering a unique opportunity for startups and founders to showcase and promote their projects. With the ability to rent a spot on Metaverse Island for a certain period of time, companies can benefit from highly effective marketing opportunities and reach a more extensive customer base.

To begin, one must obtain a CashFT card, receive land on CashFT Island, and take advantage of a wide range of advantages. By combining the benefits of NFT ownership, staking rewards, and virtual real estate ownership, GYMSTREET and CashFT Island provide a one-of-a-kind platform for businesses looking to grow and succeed in the highly competitive world of startups and entrepreneurship. Furthermore, with the integration of CashFT Island, GYMSTREET members can also benefit from the use of the CashFT card itself, which offers numerous advantages like high limits, worldwide usability, integrated IBAN or Swift accounts, regular NFT rewards and raffles, and concierge service, among others.

By leveraging the power of the CashFT card and the Metaverse Land on CashFT Island, GYMSTREET is providing its members with a truly unique and innovative platform designed to help startups and founders succeed and grow in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.


With CashFT, you can earn cool NFTs, high limits, personal concierge service, and more. When you order your CashFT card, you get LAND or Land and Miner on CashFT Island worth more than you spent on the card.


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